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Easy to Love Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

For those who love vintage motorcycle helmets, there is finally a wide range of choices available. But just because they are vintage in design, don’t be fooled into thinking that the construction is old-fashioned as well. These are perfectly equipped with clear single lens face shields which offer distortion-free vision, have inner flip sun shields that can be easily maneuvered with a handy exterior lever, and even have the chin bar push-to-open mechanism which is easy to use with just one hand. Typically made from lightweight thermo-plastic alloy shell, the shield not just protects from the dust and weather, but also the unwanted air and noise. Strategically placed top, side, and rear vents allow hot air to escape easily and reduce fogging and sweating.

Comfort liner and cheek pads in the interior keep the rider cool and prevent moisture accumulation. These are easily washable and easy to remove as well. They have deluxe ear pockets large eye ports for better fit and vision.