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Textile Motorcycle Vests

What can we say about Textile Motorcycle Vests? We all have had that nagging mother or grandmother who insists that you don't take up riding on two wheels. Common phrases you'll hear are “It’s too dangerous “and “You’ll get hurt eventually!”. We don't exactly agree with the common sentiment that you'll get hurt that easily, but we always take steps to prevent things like that from happening. Don't have any pockets when you're riding with your T-shirt on? Get a textile vest! We know that more gear takes away from the joy of riding, but we have to do it to appease the significant other. This category of vests is very different, the actual protection from road rash is minimal, considering your arms are going to be exposed, but some gear is better than no gear. Especially when you're riding on at night, riding squid and without any reflective strips is definitely a huge foul. We know, we know. Being restricted to a bulky jacket can be a nightmare. Save the joy of riding by getting a textile motorcycle vest from us.

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