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Shoei J-Cruise Reborn Helmet

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  • Product Description

    Shoei - J-Cruise Reborn Helmet

    Brand Shoei
    Gender Men's
    Lightweight Yes
    Warranty 5 Years
    Certification DOT Approved

    Important Product Notes

    Product Overview
    • Top Grade Cowhide Leather.
    • Quilted polyester liner.
    • Classic leather jacket design.
    • “Live To Ride” on backside.
    • Multi-Pockets, with belted waist.
    • High quality zippered cuffs.
    • Ships within "24-48" Hours.
  • Product Videos

    • The New SHOEI J-Cruise
      The freedom of choice expands well beyond a simple act of cong...

    The New SHOEI J-Cruise

    The freedom of choice expands well beyond a simple act of congress. For a motorcyclist, it's the right to choose direction, roads, terrain, distance, riding companions, bike models, and even helmet styles that keeps the blood pumping and our spirits high. For those looking for a one-with-the-road experience without sacrificing the safety and performance features that come equipped in a world-class helmet, your search ends here. The all-new SHOEI J-Cruise is not your average open-face lid. Packed with innovative features like the large, smooth-operating and distortion-free CJ-2 shield, a built-in internal sun shield, advanced ventilation, and a fully removable 3D Max-Dry interior system, the J-Cruise does it all while keeping you safe and connected with the road ahead.
  • Sizing Chart

    Shoei J-Cruise Reborn Helmet Sizing

    *All sizes are in Inches

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  • Other Details

    Gender: Men's
    Vehicle Type: Cruiser
    Category: Open Face Helmets
    Certification: DOT Approved
    Colors: Black
    Colors: Red
    Sizes: Small
    Sizes: Medium
    Sizes: Large
    Sizes: X-Large
    Sizes: 2X-Large