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Purple Motorcycle Jackets

At one point, there was a trend of wearing a jacket that perfectly matched the color of your bike. Purple bikes required a purple jacket just as much as Harley-Davidson required your traditional black leathers. The thing is, today’s modern rider is not only interested in wearing color appropriate motorcycle jackets but jackets that perform well and protect them the same way. All of the jackets you see on this page are not only purple, yes we know – some are more of a wine, but perform well in hot or cold conditions. Gone are the days of getting a purple jacket just because of the color and not because of its performance. If you consider your safety, a purple jacket is certainly going to make you noticed. Purple is a color that is not a natural color often seen on today’s roads, and for that reason alone you’ll be able to stand out on the road. If your bike is nice and loud, and we’re sure it is, we know that you’ll be on your way to your destination in a safe manner with the noise from your exhaust letting others know you’re coming as well.

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