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Oxford SP-J3 Kevlar Reinforced Jeans

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  • Product Description

    Oxford - SP-J3 Kevlar Reinforced Jeans

    Brand Oxford
    Gender Men's
    Material Denim
    Knee Armor Approved to CE EN 1621-1
    Zipper Heavy Duty Fly Zipper

    Important Product Notes

    Product Overview
    • The SP-J3 Jeans have a technical appearance, with a shaped knee for ultimate riding comfort. Along with Kevlar panels in potential impact areas, flexible yet comfortable CE approved armor is also included at the knees. The yellow liner is Kevlar fiber. It’s one of those genuine miracle materials, and only 100% Dupont™ Kevlar®  is used on Oxford Kevlar Jeans.
    • Features:
    • Dupont™ Kevlar® panels generously sculpted to the shape of the jean and stitched into a triple seam at the sides as this is the most likely point of heavy impact
    • Dupont™ Kevlar® double or triple-stitched in all potential impact areas
    • Dupont™ Kevlar® cut longer at the back and double-stitched to prevent it riding up on impact
    • Soft mesh pockets hold CE EN 1621-1 armor in place while allowing your skin to breathe
    • Large, strong belt loops are featured for durability in a harsh environment
    • Includes knee armor approved to CE EN 1621-1
    • Heavy duty fly zipper
    • Large aperture pockets
  • Sizing Chart

    Oxford SP-J3 Kevlar Reinforced Jeans Sizing

    *All sizes are in Inches

    30/3232 - 3332
    32/3234 - 3532
    34/3236 - 3732
    36/3238 - 3932
    38/3240 - 4132
    40/3242 - 4332
    30/3432 - 3334
    32/3434 - 3534
    34/3436 - 3734
    36/3438 - 3934
    38/3440 - 4134
    40/3442 - 4334
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  • Other Details

    Gender: Men's
    Material: Denim
    Vehicle Type: Street
    Colors: Black
    Colors: Blue
    Sizes: 30x31
    Sizes: 30x33
    Sizes: 32x33
    Sizes: 34x31
    Sizes: 34x33
    Sizes: 36x31
    Sizes: 36x33
    Sizes: 38x31
    Sizes: 38x33
    Sizes: 40x31
    Sizes: 40x33