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Olympia Motorcycle Gear

Olympia Motorcycle Jackets & Pants

Kevin & Karilea Rhea, co-founders of Olympia, started the company as a true labor of love. As avid riders, they quickly recognized a void in the marketplace for high-quality riding gear at an affordable price and were eager to take on the challenge. Since the very beginning, they’ve taken immense pride in every new piece of Olympia apparel and still personally test every item before it hits the market.

Since Olympia’s humble beginnings almost 15 years ago, Olympia has grown steadily to become an important player in the premium riding apparel segment. From the outset, Olympia has continually listened to consumer concerns and preferences. This valuable knowledge has helped them stay ahead of the curve, guided our design approach and helped them create high quality, affordable apparel. Educated consumers are the best customers, so they encourage you to shop and compare before making your next apparel purchase.

Olympia’s core values have always included an emphasis on premium components and unique features. These crucial elements have been the cornerstone of their success from day one and they’ll continue to highlight these characteristics as we enter exciting new segments in the very near future.

The use of high-quality components has always been a significant element of Olympia’s core values. In addition, they’ve also strived to integrate a wealth of useful features in each garment, all at an affordable price.

Olympia riding jackets offer major adjustability at the collar, cuffs, waistband, and elbows, as they know the importance of ergonomic, comfortable, and well-positioned body armor. These elements are essential for motorcycle apparel to function effectively. Olympia riding pants offer flexible waistbands, their exclusive EZ-Hem bottom detail, and do-it-yourself adjustable height knee protectors. Their level of quality and abundant product features far exceed those of brands selling at similar and even substantially higher prices. Regardless of price point, you’ll find quality construction and innovative components integrated throughout the entire Olympia product line

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