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Nolan N-Com MCS II Complete Kit - Harley

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  • Product Description

    Nolan - N-Com MCS II Complete Kit - Harley

    Brand Nolan
    Type Headset
    Model Motorcycle Communication System
    Made in the U.S.A. No
    Style Helmet

    Important Product Notes  

    Product Overview
    • Installs into an N-COM-ready helmet just like the Basic Kit and allows wired connection to the bike's radio, intercom, GPS, CB, etc.
    • This MCS 2 kit includes everything that you need to use the audio system of your bike. It includes:
    • The headset, speakers (stereo), microphone, and connectors. 
    • The lower cord to plug into your motorcycle is longer and features a 90 degree micro USB attachment.
    • This headset system fits right into the Nolan helmets and does not require any modification of the shell or the inside of the helmet. 
    • It plugs directly into your bike and does not require any of the BlueTooth electronics that the other N-com headsets require.
  • Other Details

    Category: Black
    Vehicle Type: Wired Communication