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Top of the Line Motorcycle Covers

Ask any seasoned rider and he or she will tell you that a big part of the bike maintenance is keeping it protected from the elements, even when not in use. That is why you need to invest in all-weather motorcycle covers that offer heavy-duty protection for all bikes. Some common features to look for are high-quality fabrics and materials like 300 denier polyester which are 100% waterproof in nature. These are equipped with PU coating, double stitched and taped waterproof seams along with special tail section and soft windshield protector fabrics. Aluminized heat panels and strategically placed vents keep the bikes cool even when fully covered for days.

Some are equipped with special velour lining in order to protect the paint from scratches while the special windshield liners do the same for protecting the windscreen. Built-in grommets built into the elastic skirt can easily accommodate a security lock. These also have convenient access panels and tail slots for multiple radio antennae.

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