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Motorcycle Cooling Vests

Those of us who have ridden in the harsh heat that Southern California offers, you'll understand why you need a cooling motorcycle vest. With Scorching temperatures up to 100 degrees, only Superman can ride without a cooling vest. Anyone who has taken any long distance motorcycle trip can tell you that it's a struggle to stay hydrated and safe. The sweat that comes out of your pores will cause your motorcycle gear to get drenched and when you need to lower your body temperature the most, Motorcycle Cooling Vests are there to save the day. Not everyone is blessed with being able to ride in fair weather, we feel for those who are stuck on the east coast. Those snow days and blizzards are really tough to watch from our televisions. (Just teasing). Truthfully, we just are looking out for our motorcycle riders’ best health. We don't want you fainting and causing any accidents when riding pass through Arizona heat.