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Mens Waterproof Motorcycle Pants

We’ve all been there, taken off for a ride on a nice sunny morning and a halfway through the day the weather takes a change for the worse. What do you do then!? Ok, so maybe you haven’t been caught out like that but that’s why you’re here, just in case. If you do longer rides, say more than just a couple of hundred miles per day, there’s no reason to not even carry a set – you will come across a storm sooner or later. You probably already have a set of saddlebags or a sissy bar bag, you’ll at least have the option of carrying a set of waterproof pants so that you’ll stay dry if you are ever caught in a thunderstorm. Honestly, we hope that you aren’t caught in a storm like this but in the case that you are, you have a selection of waterproof pants to choose from on this page.

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