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Mens Textile Motorcycle Chaps

In the huge world of motorcycle gear, Textile Chaps for men often times gets overlooked. It is a crucial piece of motorcycle gear that is the difference between road rash or not. Typically, you want your chaps to be leather. Leather material is a very popular choice for motorcycle riders because of its high resistance to road rash. Textile chaps also store a little bit easier so you can stash it in a smaller storage space on your bike. We know that sometimes it gets really hot on the ride around town. Not that we're calling you out on your badass bike. But we know what goes on when you throw on some leather pants and ride around in 100 degree weather. Textile chaps are convenient because they won't make you sweat in places you don't want to sweat. Staying cool and having the proper protection is a win-win for everything.

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