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Modern Lightweight Motorcycle Helmets

Modern-day riders want more options and choices in everything they buy and they are unwilling to compromise on quality or comfort. The high-quality lightweight motorcycle helmets fit right into their purview and have quickly become a popular option for the new generation of riders. They are typically constructed out of ABS thermoplastic alloy or injection-molded poly-carbonate shell which are known for their strength, durability and lighter weight. They are manufactured under strict quality guidelines which means that they meet or exceed US DOT standard FMVSS 218 as well as the European standard ECE 22.05 easily.

The shields are designed to be fog free with laser sharp focus and vision. The liners and cheek pads are made from high-quality foam and hypo-allergenic materials that offer comfort and a better fit for all. Adjustable vents and cool interiors lead to increased ventilation. The clear coated and painted shells are sleek and stylish, perfect for the young riders who want more than just utility. 

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