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Leather Motorcycle Vests

Leather Vests are a way of life for motorcycle riders. There's always been a classic stigma with bad boy cruiser riders donning the leather motorcycle vest with their club patch on the back. Let’s not lie, with Sons of Anarchy, the popularity of leather motorcycle vests has gone way up. While we won't judge you on the type of patch you decide to throw onto the back of your vest, most people know the motorcycle history associated with long- standing motorcycle clubs. When you wear a leather vest, we know there's that certain feeling of badness. You don't have to be a One Percenter or outlaw to look cool. There are many other benefits to having a leather vest on, We love taking quick trips to the grocery market with our vest on. The hot Sunny California weather always causes us to sweat profusely. And if you have that type of problem, leather vests are the only way to go.

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