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Heated Motorcycle Vests

California Winters aren't too much to be afraid of, nothing that a heated vest would warrant. But we do know the struggle of our friendly east coast riders. You have half as long riding seasons and it isn't always a breeze to get your bike up and running. We know you need to be careful when you put your bike into storage, that’s why we try to help you prolong your riding season by carrying heated motorcycle vests. Heated motorcycle vests let you put off putting your bike into storage. The added extra days can work to your favor and let you get maximum value from your riding season. While we don't recommend you go riding through the snow or blizzards, single digit degree temperature numbers can be combated by these heated vests. Keeping the heat of your body temperature is very important for those taking the long distance rides. Losing the heat will cause your body to easily fatigue and fall into shock. You don't want that.