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Fly Racing Maverik Boots

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  • Product Description

     Fly Racing - Maverik Boots For Men

    Brand Fly Racing
    Gender Men's
    Material Leather
    Quick Lock Buckles Adjustable
    Sole Replaceable

    Important Product Notes

    Product Overview
    • The Maverik pushes the limits of feature and function at an unbelievable price.
    • A genuine leather heat shield, antidirt repelling top gator, molded impact resistant shin plate, full printed upper, and Fly Racings original design secure and easy action buckles.
    • Stand up, be a Maverik, and wear the Maverik boot.
    • 3D molded plastic is pre-shaped for comfort and adds impact protection
    • Elastic gaiter provides a comfortable rim around your calf while sealing the opening from debris
    • Adjustable quick lock buckles provide a secure locked in feel.
    • Open design keeps dirt from clogging the function 3D molded shift panel saves your boot from premature wear.
    • Do not miss a shift with the added grooves and texture to aid in grabbing the shift lever
    • Steel toe guard gives that finished look and protects the front of the sole from delamination
    • Leather heat shield lasts longer, and will not melt - no more burnt plastic
    • Articulated rear ankle gives the subtle flexibility to bend your foot down but still remains supportive
    • Durable and flexible inner ankle plastic panel keeps you close to the bike by providing a protective shield between your foot and the elements
    • Race sole with an internal steel shank that is laminated into the length of the sole providing the rigid strength needed during the impact and stress of motocross
    • Replaceable sole can be installed through any boot repair shop
  • Sizing Chart

    Fly Racing Maverik Boots Sizing

    *All sizes are in Inches

    SizeUK Size Euro Size Foot 
    764110 11/16
    97.54311 5/16
    108.54511 11/16
    12104712 5/16
    13114812 11/16
    Mens Boot Size Chart

    Don't know your shoe size? Follow these few steps to figure it out

    Step 1:

    Place a sheet of paper on the floor.

    Step 2:

    While wearing a regular sock, step on the paper in order to measure.

    Step 3:

    Grab a pencil and hold it about 90 degrees from the paper and make a mark at your heel. Do the same and mark by your big toe.

    Step 4:

    Measure the distance from your heel-to-toe in inches.

    Note: Measurements listed here refer to your body size not garment dimensions. Please check individual product descriptions for special sizing notes or fit variations. If in doubt order a bigger size.

  • Other Details

    Gender: Men's
    Material: Leather
    Vehicle Type: Dirt
    Colors: Black
    Colors: White
    Colors: Yellow
    Sizes: 1
    Sizes: 2
    Sizes: 3
    Sizes: 4
    Sizes: 5
    Sizes: 6
    Sizes: 7
    Sizes: 8
    Sizes: 9
    Sizes: 10
    Sizes: 11
    Sizes: 12
    Sizes: 13
    Sizes: 14
    Sizes: 15