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Motorcycle Fender Bags

Depending on what kind of bike you have. Adding a fender bag might be in consideration. Fender bags are popular accessories for the typically off-road type of motorcycles. Sport bikes and cruiser motorcycles aren't the ideal bikes for fender bags because of their rear seats and sissy bar options. Fender bags are ideal for those who need to throw something similar to cargo bags on the rear of their dirt bike or adventure touring motorcycle. If you need to add luggage to your dirt bike while you're traveling off the beaten path. We salute you for taking the initiative and path less taken. These fender bags are important when you want to travel through the long Baja desert. You'll want to pick a durable rugged pack that would withstand the weather and different elements like sand and dirt. You can pick from our selection of different materials, you can have hard-shelled and backing as well as soft build fender bags. They can be mounted a variety of ways, you can use them as throw overs or even hard mount them with a little more effort. The choice is yours. Contact any of our Motorcycle House gear experts today if you have specific questions.