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Dual Sports Motorcycle Helmets For All Terrains

If you are the kind of riders that is always on the lookout for the ultimate thrill, then you need dual sports motorcycle helmets to ensure your safety at all times. More often than not people buy either a dirt bike or street bike gear and then realize that they don’t fit for the other category. It is hard to switch over in time and expensive to keep buying multiple gears. Therefore, dual sports helmets make the best possible option for all. The aerodynamic shell design is incorporated into the advanced poly alloy plastic construction along with hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial cheek pads and nylon comfort liners. The last is fully removable and washable, and allow room for custom fit within shell configuration as well.

Lightweight and yet hardy, these helmets offer optimum comfort, snug fit, safety and protection for riders with full DOT and ECE approval. Advanced features like compound-curved and optically correct face shields that protect eyes against UV-ray and are scratch-resistant add to this safety.

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