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Dirt Bike Helmets Features

Some of the typical features of dirt bike helmets include High-Performance Fiberglass Composite or HPFC shell. These aerodynamic shell designs offer incredible hardiness and protection with the advanced poly alloy plastic in the reinforcing construction. There are also upscale features like Multi-density EPS and Compound-curved face shields that are not just scratch resistant but also offer optically correct vision and protection against UV rays. The cheek pads are either made with laser cut foam hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial nylon that easily washable and removable. For some models, one can even get a removable screw-on visor.

Despite all these features, these helmets are lightweight and offer optimal comfort for the rider. Multiple points of ventilation and flow of cool air are offered for the sides, chin, and forehead with the front and top vents and rear exhaust ports. There are D-ring security plates reinforcing the chin strap holders. These are all Snell, DOT & ECE approved.

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