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Denim Motorcycle Vests

Some of us are old school, Denim Vests brings back flashbacks of the 1980s. Since the introduction of denim into the world, it's been part of almost everyone daily lives. Everyone has their favorite set of denim jeans. Originally invented during the Gold Rush and the choice of clothing by Gold Rush Miners, Denim is known for its incredible durability and ability to stay tear resistant. Since the two-wheel motorcycle has been created, denim vests have been the choice of badass outlaw bikers for a time now. You don't have to be a roughneck or one percenter to wear one nowadays. Made famous by the bad boys featured in Hollywood movies for years. While Leather Vests provide the best amount of protection in case you end up sliding on your back, Denim Vests are the next most comparable material for riding protection.

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