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Colored Motorcycle Pants For The New Generation 

If you thought that motorcycle pants only came in the bold but dark colors, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the leading brands are now offering a multitude of colors to choose from. Apart from the usual black, blue, brown, camo and gray you now have the option for other primary colors along with Hi-Viz Yellow, Indigo and shades like navy and white as well. But that’s not all for the increasing demand for more options from the new generation riders have led to a range of custom fitted colored motorcycle pants that range from unusual shades like teal, purple, pink, silver and even orange.

They are unusual because even a few years ago seasoned riders would just stick to the darker shades. But today these new shades have taken the market by storm. Available in leather, denim, mesh, textile and polyester options, they have been carefully designed by experts to match the individual styles of the new generation of motorcycle riders. 

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