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Best Motorcycle Roads | 8 Motorbike Routes to Write Home About

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Have you written a list of all the motorcycle roads you would like to ride? If you have years of riding under your belt or learned how to ride a motorcycle this year, you likely share the same desire to explore around every corner. This trait makes our minds begin to drift during another dull day in the office.

So, once you have ridden your local routes to shreds, why not consider planning your next adventure along some of the world's best biking roads. From the world-famous Pacific Coast Highway to the dramatic Pyrenees Mountains in Spain and France, we dive into every motorcycle trip you need on your bucket list below.

Best Motorcycle Rides

While there are countless incredible roads in the countries we mention below, there are always stand-out roads that cut above the rest. We hope to inspire you to get your two-wheel adventure started with the following incredible routes.

Pyrenees Loop of Spain and France

This 1500-mile route is a head-turner. From the beginning of your trip in Bilbao, the scenery is second to none. You will constantly be in awe of the mountain passes and hairpin turns as you travel through vineyards in the Basque Country over the border to France.

The notable road is the N260 that winds into the Pyrenees. You’ll travel into Andorra from here before some twisting roads back into Spain. If you want to tackle one of the highest mountains passes in the region at an elevation of 5,905 ft, head to Collada de Toses.

Top of the Rockies Byway

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains provide great on-road mountain passes and dirt switchbacks to open your throttle on. The Peak-to-Peak Highway is perfect for motorcycles and offers scenic views of the Front Range Mountains and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It connects the Colorado counties of Gilpin, Boulder, and Larimer over a 55-mile-long route.

Experience the beauty of one of the best motorcycle rides in the USA from another perspective during a breathtaking Denver helicopter ride to end the day.

Las Vegas Kyle Canyon & Red Rock Loop

Las Vegas is a great starting point for a hog adventure in the United States. Riding through the Nevada desert to the Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston is a breathtaking 52-mile trip.

Head on the US-95 until you reach Kyle Canyon. Despite its arid appearance, it provides spectacular views up to Charleston Peak. The actual peak is reached during a grueling 8-hour hike to the top and back.

Add in the 12-mile long Red Rock Canyon Loop dominated by sandstone cliffs, and you will begin to see the area's natural beauty with new eyes. Head back to Vegas for the night. If you play your cards right, you could afford to spend the night in one of the most expensive hotels worldwide.

Riding a Motorcycle on the Pacific Coast Highway

The serene beaches, redwood forests, and iconic sights along the way make California a motorcyclist's dream destination. Setting off from Lan Luis Obispo, you’ll travel 261-miles along the Pacific Ocean to Ragged Point, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and finally to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

While traveling along the coast, remember to stop and take in the scenery. Looking out from one of the coastal viewpoints, you may be lucky to see humpback whales or dolphins beyond the breaking waves. To extend your trip, simply start further south from Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles.

Cape Peninsula in Cape Town, South Africa

If you have ever dreamt of traveling to the most southern tip of Africa (Cape Agulhas), now is your chance. Cape Town is a motorcycling paradise with a pleasant climate and great coastal roads. Starting in the city beneath Table Mountain, you can head along Victoria Drive to a dramatic open-sided tunnel on Chapman’s Peak Drive to a perfect coffee stop in Noordhoek.

The 40-mile coastal road winds down to the lighthouse at the tip of Cape Point Nature Reserve. Here you may encounter Chacma baboons, ostriches, and even Cape Mountain zebras. While you can make the 80-mile round trip in three hours, you’ll want to dedicate the entire day to exploring. Consider stopping at the African Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach along the way.

Riding Roads Along Portugal’s Coastline

The entire coastline from Porto to Faro is an adventure waiting to happen. Starting in the north of Portugal, you’ll have countless coffees and pastéis de natas to indulge in as you work your way to the more arid Algarve. Notable stops along the way are the castle in Peniche, the fort overlooking the world’s largest waves ever surfed in Nazare, and the most southwestern lighthouse at Cape St.Vincent.

This 350-mile motorbike route runs along the Atlantic Coastline, so do be warned that the weather can be chilly and windy. Consider traveling between April and October for the best motorcycle riding conditions.

Morocco’s Ceuta to Marrakesh

Traveling Morocco by motorcycle lets you see the ancient streets, Kasbahs (citadels), and souks (bazaars) in a completely different way to most travelers. Riding from the Spanish city of Ceuta, you’ll travel south through Morocco’s Rif Mountains and the Sahara Desert to Marrakesh. In total, the round trip is about 1600-miles of focus-demanding riding.

Looping back to Ceuta, you’ll pass through Casablanca, Rabat, and Tangiers. This epic adventure is best completed in a group over a minimum of five days.

The Great Ocean Road in Australia

Starting in Melbourne, head to Torquay before going westward along the Shipwreck Coast. You’ll travel past rainforests, the famous surf destination Bells Beach, and the Twelve Apostles. Test your mettle on this cool motorcycle road winding along the coast between limestone rock formations and sandstone cliffs. Each stop is more breathtaking than the last.

The 237-mile route finishes at the town of Port Fairy overlooking the South Ocean. Head back to Melbourne, or continue your exploration of the coastline westwards.

Note: While passing other bikers on these much-loved motorcycle rides, remember to give a friendly biking wave.

Your Next Bucket List Motorcycle Ride

Whether you are a weekend cruiser or an experienced adventure rider, you can start planning your visit to the above motorcycle roads. These routes all offer a unique opportunity to open your throttle while surrounded by natural beauty.

If you are unsure about what to pack for your ride, the correct safety gear is a good start.