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Biltwell EXFIL-11 Black Motorcycle Bag

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  • Product Description

    Biltwell - EXFIL-11 Black Motorcycle Bag

    Brand Biltwell
    Material Textile
    Type Tank Bag
    Style Custom Replacement
    Retention System Magnetic

    Important Product Notes

    Product Overview
    • Biltwell's answer to the ubiquitous motorcycle tank bag
    • Padded main compartment holds up to 11 12-oz. cans
    • Attaches with magnets that are strong enough to hold the bag in any condition and at high speeds, regardless of if the bag was loaded or empty
    • Multiple attachment points if you'd like to use your own "dummy cord" or otherwise strap it to your bike
    • Dimensions: 9" W at top and 7" W at bottom x 11" L x 6" H at front and 4" H at rear
  • Other Details

    Material: Textile
    Colors: Black