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Answer Men's A17.5 Elite LE Halo Jerseys

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  • Product Description

    Answer Racing - Men's A17.5 Elite LE Halo Jerseys

    Brand Answer 
    Gender Men's
    Material Textile
    Cuff Design Lightweight
    Collar Two-piece

    Important Product Notes

    Product Overview
    • High-performance, lightweight waffle-poly fabric.
    • Comfortable two-piece collar with ID branding.
    • Raglan pattern promotes rider mobility.
    • Waffle-poly fabric cuffs offer unrestricted fit.
    • Extra-long tail section stays tucked in.
  • Sizing Chart

    Answer Racing Men's A17.5 Elite LE Halo Jerseys Sizing

    *All sizes are inInches

    SizeJersey Size
    Chest, Waist, Back Length and Sleeve Size Chart

    Measure your size in 4 easy steps

    1.Measure chest

    Measure from under/top of one armpit,across the chest to under/top of the other armpit. Then across the back to the first armpit, around the armpits measuring.

    2.Measure Bottom

    Measure at the middle of your torso at your waist. (circumference measured at your belly button)

    3.Measure Back Length

    From Adam's apple to wearable waist. Measurements to be taken from the upper part of the neck to the waist as shown in diagram

    4.Measure sleeve

    Measure from shoulder bone crest to wrist. The measuring tape should follow from side of the shoulder to outer side of elbow ending at the wrist.

    Note: Measurements listed here refer to your body size not garment dimensions. Please check individual product descriptions for special sizing notes or fit variations. If in doubt order a bigger size.

  • Other Details

    Gender: Men's
    Material: Textile
    Vehicle Type: Dirt
    Colors: Red
    Colors: White
    Colors: Blue
    Colors: Yellow
    Sizes: Small
    Sizes: Medium
    Sizes: Large
    Sizes: X-Large
    Sizes: 2X-Large