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  • Like it is said that the man is known by the motorcycle company he keeps, similar can be said that the bike is known by the accessories is keeps.
  • We are living in a modern world where fashion and uniqueness is the demand and desire of the people.
  • They try to stand out among their peers. This is the reason that customization can be only seen in everything from the clothing and to the motorcycles as well
  • There are people who would remove the motorcycle parts the day they buy the motorcycle and would change them with the motorcycle accessories of their own choices.
  • These would include the customized windshields, motorcycle tires, motorcycle exhausts among the many other.


Matching pants to the Sentinel rain jacket. The Sentinel line is good. Although they're my first purchase from Tour Master, I doubt it'll be the last because I'm really happy with this & the jacket.

- Scott McCormick on 9/23/2015 2:58 PM

Spidi never fails to deliver. I honestly can't believe how well this works. The description is practically nonexistent here but I was able to look up reviews elsewhere and I just came back for the best price. I really enjoy the fact that it doesn't look like all the other rain jackets out there.

- Kellie Roland on 9/23/2015 2:56 PM

Love the option of colors, although I stuck with the black/gray. If you want a rain jacket that will actually keep you dry, this is the one. I've had others and water always seemed to get in somehow, not with the Sentinel!

- Slapak Ruzicki on 9/23/2015 2:54 PM