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  • Like it is said that the man is known by the motorcycle company he keeps, similar can be said that the bike is known by the accessories is keeps.
  • We are living in a modern world where fashion and uniqueness is the demand and desire of the people.
  • They try to stand out among their peers. This is the reason that customization can be only seen in everything from the clothing and to the motorcycles as well
  • There are people who would remove the motorcycle parts the day they buy the motorcycle and would change them with the motorcycle accessories of their own choices.
  • These would include the customized windshields, motorcycle tires, motorcycle exhausts among the many other.


This jacket looks badass. Knowing this, I wanted a similar jacket from Roland Sands Design which would have cost me hundreds of dollars more. Fortunately, i was able to snag one of these jackets before i splurged and spend half a paycheck on the roland sandss ones. But let me tell you - i don't feel any disappointment everytime i put this one. It's slick and badass. I'm glad i was able to get this jacket because it feels like a luxury roland sands one. Very happy with my decision here.

-Randy Kiramas on 7/23/2015 4:04 PM

Finding a high quality brown leather jacket is a rarity. It's not easy to come across , especially one that's well made and designed for a wreck and to protect against road rash. I love this jacket because i don't feel like it's a bulky motorcycle jacket like some of the other armored stuff that feels tight and restricts movement. I like this shade of brown, it's very dark and similar to black so keep that in mind when purchasing.

-Sonny Doubront on 7/22/2015 2:56 PM

The worst thing about the jacket is the side ties, the corset style is a little weird, but honestly after riding for a few months, i've gotten quite used to it. The zippers are a good quality and smoothly zip up and down. The jacket ittself is made of high quality leather which inspires more confidence in my riding because i'm not as worried about road rash and other debris. the leather is really soft and high quality. The jacket from any big name designer would cost 300 more. I got the jacket to impress girls and so far its doing its job

-Robbie Fernandez on 7/22/2015 2:49 PM