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  • Like it is said that the man is known by the motorcycle company he keeps, similar can be said that the bike is known by the accessories is keeps.
  • We are living in a modern world where fashion and uniqueness is the demand and desire of the people.
  • They try to stand out among their peers. This is the reason that customization can be only seen in everything from the clothing and to the motorcycles as well
  • There are people who would remove the motorcycle parts the day they buy the motorcycle and would change them with the motorcycle accessories of their own choices.
  • These would include the customized windshields, motorcycle tires, motorcycle exhausts among the many other.


Last week I ordered the Enforcer jacket (Large) nad received XXXL, which is not even listed on the web site. To exchange I had to fill up a web form with a order number I was never sent!! I wonder what will be the next adventure?! Never experienced such poor service before.

- Kosi Gramatikoff on 11/21/2015 4:12 PM

The sleeves are my favorite part because I can turn this jacket into a vest in a matter of seconds. I don't normally like leather so something like this keeps my warm in most occasions. If it's really cold I'll throw on my leather jacket but that doesn't happen too often, thankfully!

- Normam Wood on 11/13/2015 8:44 AM

This is by far my favorite jacket, and I've owned other Joe Rocket jackets before! I have the hi-viz version because I do a lot of night time riding and this color just makes me more visible - which in turns makes me feel safer when I ride.

- Randal Boyd on 11/13/2015 8:43 AM